American Express Agreement

Direct MarketingYou recognize that American Express, our agents and alliance associations (including insurance companies) can use your personal data for marketing purposes. It also involves contacting you by phone, mail or email regarding the goods or services of an American Express company or third parties offering products marketed in conjunction with American Express. You can call 1300 363 614 if you wish to withdraw this invitation and remove your name from our marketing lists. This invitation is maintained until you withdraw it or 12 months after you are no longer our customer. Transferring your personal data abroadAmerican Express is a global organization and we can use international organizations to support our business functions. Therefore, American Express may be required to share your data outside of Australia. It is not possible to list any country to which American Express can transmit your data, but the United States of America, Singapore and Malaysia are among those countries. American Express ensures that any transfer of your personal data is subject to reasonable confidentiality conditions to ensure that your data is processed in a manner consistent with Australian data protection principles (except the australian data protection principle). Information about other peopleAmerican Express collects and uses information about the person who signs or enters into an agreement with American Express and, depending on the structure of your business, we may collect and use information about actual beneficiaries, partners in the partnership, directors and business managers (cumulative related persons). You guarantee and guarantee that you have informed the persons connected to this data collection and that you have obtained, if necessary, your consent to the processing of the information specified in this Agreement. When you provide us with information about another person, you must ensure that the person has seen, understood and accepted: Acceptance of this agreementYou accept the terms of this card acceptance agreement. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you validate this agreement and the legally binding appointment between you and American Express.Direct Debit Service AuthorityThis contract authorizes American Express to withdraw money from your designated account for which you provided details to Tyro (which transmits this data to American Express). You should check if your nominated account can accept the debits, please contact Tyro`s customer support on 1300 966 639 or for all American Express and JCB requests, and simply indicate your Tyro Merchant number.

Welcome to the American ExpressSecuments network, welcome to the partnership between American Express and Tyro, which allows you to accept American express® cards on your Tyro American site (Express Program). If you meet the conditions below, you will enjoy the benefits of the American Express program (see below), including a very welcome American Express Merchant Service Fee (MSF). Your Tyro installation, as described below, will be able to accept American Express and JCB cards, so your customers will have more payment choices as soon as you accept the terms of this card acceptance agreement.