Seminole Grand Lease Agreement

The worst place in town!!!! There is no worse place to live in Tallahassee. Current residents will be the first to tell you that they feel betrayed and lying and deceived by the images and advertising of the property. The model is nothing of what your own apartment will be. Real apartments are always dirty when you move in. They`re still damaged. I swear they won`t even get into the device before they let someone else move in. They only really take care of your money and once they arrive, they will forget everything about you, even if you have maintenance problems or unresolved problems. You will say that your request is complete, without even coming to that point. They won`t even tell you why it`s complete or why they didn`t come to see it. They don`t want to work. The staff at his office are rude.

Super disrespectful and rude. I am so shocked that they let these people work here. The guard in the cabin doesn`t check if anyone comes in, so idk, why he has a door. Idk, why they have maintenance. Idk, why they have people who work in an office, who don`t help. It`s dirty here and you don`t have to. In no form or form, it is worth living here. If I could do it, I would never sign a lease for such a dubious and horrible place to live. Just a terrible experience and I would never let my child or loved ones live here!!! It`s not even safe. I took a nose off from someone at the Seminole Grand because I`m working in Tallahassee for the next few months.

The pool and acceptable shelters lured me into this trap. I have never experienced a more dubious and dishonest case in my life. I have lived in many places in the U.S. and Canada and I have never seen the lack of professionalism in staff or dishonesty in dealing with their clients. Before signing the lease, I went to the office to check if the current resident had unpaid debts, which he did. I made the child pay the water bill and I thought it was done. Then comes the time to sign the lease. surprise! You must pay a $300 lease transfer fee. I went to the bank and received the cheque.

When I arrive, surprise, do I have the costs of 50 $d background? I get $50. I signed a rent and I`m moving in. There is an alarm in front of my door that keeps beeping because there is a pause in the connection. All day and night, it rings. I ask the office to fix the alarm. A week goes by and I wait. I`m going back to the office to complain again about the beep. They say they will fix it.

Another week goes by and I go back to the office, this time my sewer is clogged and I need it. She says the beep is fixed and the drain will be evacuated the next day. The following week, the beep continues, the flow is clogged (I brush my teeth in the kitchen sink) and suddenly my car disappears in the parking lot.