Agreement Between Founders

Typically, founders don`t have to worry about long-term planning or estate issues in agreements. Avoid the seventy-page “Everything But kitchen sink” type of agreement and leave with something that matches the expected life of the agreement (for most companies, this lifespan lasts until the next funding round or any other significant transaction). If you work in a high-tech field, it is possible that one of the founders played an important role in the development of this product. He/she has the right to be linked to his/her innovation, but all intellectual property rights should belong to the company and not to an individual. The innovator can be rewarded if necessary with higher equity, but once you form a unit, everything belongs to the entity and not to an individual. This will help you protect the organization if a person decides to detach. It should not claim a right to the product or develop a similar prototype with someone else. In this section, you don`t write down so much your expenses and budget – you may not even know them here – but you write about how you`re going to manage the budget and expenses. For example, is a person responsible for the budget or can they be approved by a particular person? What about the reimbursement of expenses that founders pay out of pocket? How should founders ask to be reimbursed? All this should be said here. If you plan to run your business with co-founders, a business start-up agreement is a must.

A business lawyer or online legal department can help you create one or you can create one yourself. In the case of such an agreement, the obligations arising from this founding cooperation agreement must be disclosed to that third party. Whether simple or complex, a written agreement is important for future reference. There is no specific form that this agreement should have, as it is not a formal document, but here are some recommendations it should contain: “If you are starting a business for the first time, it is easy to give up an operational co-founding agreement or other technical details in favor of dreams and aspirations”, writes Meghdad Abbaszadegan, Founder of Free Fall. Only when you succeed will money and greed come into play. Entrepreneurs stop thinking about the vision of their businesses and start thinking about themselves.