India Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Customs Notification

(v) The issuing authority receiving the notification may postpone the planned verification visit and inform the importing Party of this intention within fifteen days of receipt of the notification. Notwithstanding any postponement, each verification visit shall be carried out within sixty days from the date of receipt or for a longer period as the parties may agree. India`s position on the goods surplus with Vietnam and Singapore has reversed over the past three or four years. The trade gap with Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore has also widened, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. New Delhi: Customs will closely monitor the import of items such as mobile phones, household appliances, set-boxes, cameras and other electronic items with a new regulatory framework to verify the misuse of India`s free trade agreements, which will come into force next Monday, an official said. (a) measures for the preservation of products in good condition during transport and storage (e.g.B drying, freezing, preservation in brine, aeration, peeling, cooling, salting, sulphur dioxide or other aquifer solutions, removal of damaged parts and other similar operations); These rules were adopted to verify the alleged abuse of free trade agreements, which is on the rise to circumvent tariffs on imports. The official quoted above said that earlier this year, a new provision was included in the customs law to strictly review the rules of origin applicable to imports under free trade agreements, to ensure that the benefits of the free trade agreement are properly used. The rules for implementing this provision were adopted last month. (a) in accordance with the exporting Party`s usual domestic commercial practices; and (b) are classified with the products at the time of fixing the customs duties by the importing Party: 5.DESCRIPTION OF THE GOODS: the description must be sufficiently detailed so that the goods can be identified by the customs officers examining it. Name of the manufacturer, each brand must also be indicated. (ii) the products have not been marketed or consumed there; and “The trade deficit has widened. In the case of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries, the trade gap has grown from $5 billion in 2010, when the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement was implemented, to more than $22 billion. This sharp increase in the trade deficit has become a serious source of concern for the country,” the official said.

(1) the name of the competent authority issuing the notification; The import of these items from countries with which India has free trade agreements (SAAs) will be subject to special regulatory attention, as the authorities impose new rules to verify the origin of imported products. (i) The importing Party shall simultaneously transmit, through the competent authority, a written notification of its intention to carry out the verification visit to (b) For several objects declared under the same AIFTA Certificate of Origin, a problem that arises in respect of one of the listed products shall not prejudice or delay the granting of preferential tariff treatment and the clearance of the goods listed in the AIFTA Certificate of Origin. .