Joint Venture Agreement In Bangladesh

Double taxation can be avoided for foreign investors on the basis of bilateral agreements. An application must be filed before it can be filed with the Patent Office. In the application, the applicant must make a clear statement that he is in possession of an invention. In the case of a joint application, one must claim to be the true and first inventor of the invention. An authorized representative may also obtain a patent on behalf of the original inventor. After the submission, the RJSC examines the documents and provides the certified governing documents of the Joint Undertaking. Also remember that this agreement is an essential document in which you must define the conditions and rights of both parties. Emerhub can help you with this. The signing of a joint venture agreement allows both parties to keep in mind all the agreements they have concluded before the start of the business. The cooperation contract regulates different aspects of the business, such as: Depending on the nature of your new joint venture, there are some additional licenses and procedures to follow: below you will find the step-by-step procedure regarding the establishment of a joint venture in Bangladesh, the following procedure also specifies the procedure for a foreign shareholder in Bangladesh. The third and most important step in registering a joint venture is to prepare a joint venture agreement and submit it to the RJSC.

The creation of the joint venture is initiated by entering into a joint venture agreement between the local investor and the foreign investor and obtaining a certificate of name from Company House for the preferred name of the investors.