I truly believe that if we allow the body to do its miraculous work, each birth can be joyously unforgettable and exhilaratingly cathartic. If your vision of birth is one of calm, beauty, focus, companionship and love, then consider making a midwife part of your team. I believe a midwife’s role is to guide women and their partners through the entire process of pregnancy and birth by helping them make informed decisions, by establishing an unmatched level of comfort and honesty, and by avoiding technical intervention unless absolutely necessary. My goal is to allow your body and your baby to work together in perfect

~Natanya W. Champney

 About The Midwife:

Natanya Champney is a New Hampshire Certified Midwife. She completed her studies at Birthwise Midwifery School of Bridgton, Maine, competing her practical experience under the midwives of the Birth Cottage of Milford, New Hampshire.

Natanya has returned to her hometown with her family to serve the women and families of Northern New Hampshire. The births of her sons, Harper, Asher and Malakai were incredibly powerful journeys that  equally transformed the way Natanya views birth and has been instrumental in helping her connect more effectively with her clients.



Midwives have traditionally taken care of ALL of the pregnant/birthing women in this world, until just a few hundred years ago. In some parts of the world, Midwives still take care of the majority of pregnant/birthing women. Home birth is a comfortable, safe option for women. As It Was Midwifery covers homebirths in New Hampshire.

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