Your Nutrition is key:

So, you think you will be undergoing a lot of changes during your pregnancy? Consider what’s happening to your baby: Cells are dividing; organs are forming; and the digestive, sensory, circulatory, urinary and other systems are developing. Your diet is the key to providing the nutrients necessary for all that growth. Many studies show that more nutritious prenatal eating habits result in far healthier babies. Whether you are a strict vegetarian, or a meat and potatoes eater, all women when they are pregnant should become aware of the unique nutritional needs of pregnancy. At your first visit you will receive a nutritional pamphlet that should give you the necessary guidelines that will give your baby a great start and make your pregnancy the healthiest it can be. After the first trimester, you’ll need just 300 extra calories a day to make a baby (equivalent to 1/4 cup peanuts, an apple and a glass of 2% fat milk). When you breastfeed you will need an extra 500 calories.

Protein and vital nutrients from fruits and vegetables is key to a healthy pregnancy. Natanya Champney has been using and promoting Juice Plus+® since 2017. Ask for the latest research articles about pregnancy and Juice Plus+®.

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