Beyondtrust End User License Agreement

1. LICENSE. Subject to your compliance with this ECJ, we hereafter grant you a worldwide license to download, install, access and use the software (in the form of object-only code) personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable (subscription period), in the offer of sale, issued by us or by our authorized agent (“offer of sale”), exclusively on (a) the computer hardware servers we sell to you or (b) third-party equipment certified by us (“) You may authorize your contractors (each a “licensed third party”) to use the Software exclusively for the purpose of providing services, provided that this use is consistent with the purpose of the service. You assume that you are responsible for any violation of this ECJ by approved third parties. 2.1 Respect for the rules. You agree (a) to comply with all instructions and requirements of all software specification sheets, user manuals, proven security methods and policies, as well as other documents that we make available to you or that we make available to you in conjunction with the software (the “documentation”); and (b) all applicable local, governmental, national and international laws and regulations (since each of these laws may be amended or amended from time to time (“applicable laws”) with respect to your use of the software. 10.1 If you are subject to the AWS Elemental Appliances and software terms of use available on or any other written agreement between you and AWS Elemental for the purchase and use of AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Terms of Service ( in the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions of use of this Board.C.A. and the existing terms of use of AWS Elemental Appliances and Software, this conflict or inconsistency is resolved by giving priority to this 2.2. Unless expressly authorized by this CLA, you must not encourage, support or authorize other people, a) integrate part of the software into your own programs or compile some of the software in combination with your own programs; (b) to sell, resell, lease, lease, lend, lend, distribute, act as a service office or managed service, communicate, convert or sublicensing the software, or transfer all or part of the rights to the software to third parties; (c) modify, modify, tame, repair or create works derived from the software; (d) redevelop, decompile or decompile the software, or use other methods to extract source code from software in the software or to otherwise determine or to try to determine how the software works or works; (e) use the software to otherwise process, transfer or provide content that violates or abuses intellectual property or third-party property rights, or without a license, authorization or certification (including requirements required by applicable laws); (f) use the software to create additional software to replicate or replace the software`s features; (g) use a software license key (“key”) provided by AWS Elemental for software in conjunction with a product other than the product for which the key was issued; or (h) to disable or bypass or attempt to disable or circumvent keys or other technological mechanisms or measures to prevent, restrict or control the use, copying or copying of software.