Fi Collective Agreement Bereavement Leave

17.25 The Union may make a group complaint to the employer on behalf of workers in the collective agreement unit who feel incriminated by the usual interpretation or application of an interpretation of collective agreements or arbitrations for these workers. Incentive payments are processed for 150 days following the signing of this agreement for 150 days from the date of signing this agreement. All workers who accept deductions must agree to leave the Agency without priority rights. 49.01 At the request of a worker, a worker whose spouse or general counsel is permanently rehoused is granted leave without pay for up to one (1) year and a worker whose spouse or municipal lawyer is temporarily relocated up to five (5) years. 37.03 Once a year, a worker has the right to be informed, upon request, of the balance of his leave and sickness benefits. The deferred compensation leave is added either at the worker`s request and authorized by the employer for the period of compensatory leave or at a later date. 37.06 A worker is not allowed to leave without pay or in the event of a suspension during periods of leave. 38.04 On holiday with a worker, the employer must make all reasonable efforts, subject to the requirements of the service company: 50.04 The parties acknowledge that the circumstances that require bereavement leave are due to individual circumstances. On request, the President may, after taking into account the particular circumstances, grant leave with a salary greater than and/or other than that provided by clauses 50.01 and 50.02. 37.08 A worker does not receive any months of leave credits under this contract for which he has already been granted leave under another collective agreement in which the employer is involved or according to other rules or regulations of the employer. Compensatory leave acquired during one fiscal year and ongoing on September 30 of the following fiscal year is paid to the worker`s hourly wage, calculated on the basis of the classification provided in the deed of appointment for his situation in question at the end of the current fiscal year. The employer will endeavour to make this payment until the fourth (4th) week following the start of the first pay period after September 30.

53.02 At the discretion of the employer, a worker who takes training leave without pay under this article may receive compensation instead of a salary of up to 100% (100%) of the state of life. the worker`s annual salary, based on the extent to which the training leave is considered by the employer to be relevant to organizational needs. If the worker receives a scholarship, scholarship or scholarship, the training leave allowance may be reduced. In these cases, the amount of the discount may not exceed that of the scholarship, the stock exchange or the scholarship. 17.36 Both the Union and the employer may make a political complaint to the other regarding the interpretation or application of the collective agreement with respect to one or the bargaining unit in general. 41.01 A worker is allowed to work for a reasonable period of time set by the employer when a right has been invoked under the State Workers` Compensation Act, and a compensation agency has informed the employer that it has certified that the worker cannot work because: this schedule is considered part of all collective agreements between the parties and workers who have already worked. At the employer`s discretion, an employee may be granted a wage agreement to draft a review that takes place during the worker`s scheduled working time.