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To understand the importance of Article I:3 to the EU, exceptions should be used under `horizontal obligations`. The lists of EU GATS countries stipulate that “services considered as public procurement at national or local level may be subject to public monopolies or exclusive rights of private economic operators” (see WTO 1994: List of Specific Obligations – German translation of the European Communities and their Member States). GATS/SC/31, April 15, Geneva. In: Bundesgesetzblatt. Part II, 1678-1683). This is the basis of market access restrictions in the area of public service missions. The AGCS agreement was signed at the end of the Uruguay Round and came into force on 1 January 1995 (GATS 1995). At the same time, it was decided at the time to revise the contract after five years. .

The principle of national treatment obliges Member States to assimilate foreign suppliers at national level. Public spending must also be made available to foreign private operators. Article VI:4, which describes, among other things, a “test of necessity,” is at the centre of the debate. On 5 November, Parliament`s negotiators reached an interim agreement with the Council Presidency on legislation establishing a mechanism for suspending budget payments to a Member State, in violation of the rule of law. Determine where your title can be simplified to make reading easier. Visit a full history of all your previous titles. When did a book called “Nine Times More Expensive Than Gold” make headlines? When helsinki`s main objective was achieved, the June 2004 European Council approved the development of the EU`s military crisis management capability, a new target was set: the overall 2010 target. [8] EU Member States have pledged to take “rapid and decisive” measures by 2010 to respond to all crisis management operations covered by the EU-EU Treaty and the European UNION Security Strategy for 2003 (humanitarian and rescue operations, disarmament operations, assistance to third countries in the fight against terrorism). , peacekeeping and peacekeeping missions during the years of crisis management and peacekeeping. The EU also intends to address the shortcomings of the old main objective (e.g.B.). B deficiencies related to strategic airlift and hake), which remain considered a limiting factor in the operational capability of designated forces, particularly in the case of more demanding crisis management operations.