Afscme Administrative Support Bargaining Agreement

The chief negotiator of the state of Iowa negotiates collective agreements with three union groups. Click on the links below to see the current contracts with each of these groups. The rule provides that the State Staff Director establishes bargaining units for legitimate workers in broad occupational categories with a community of interest. There are currently 11 tariff units that can be collectively negotiated; 10 units, representing about 71% of the state-ranked workforce, are represented by exclusive representatives. Supervisory, management and confidentiality staff are not eligible for exclusive representation and collective bargaining. W41 – Administrative Support Unit – This unit includes all professional categories involved in the preparation, transcribing, recording, submission, systematization, maintenance and routine provision of recordings, reports, communications and information through manual processes and the operation of various machines and office equipment. This unit also includes employees who use products derived from clerical classifications and who judge the application of laws, regulations, regulations or directives, including business and administrative support positions. The W41 unit employs approximately 5,817 people. L32 – Technical unit – staff of this unit provides support services in the field of science and technology. This unit employs approximately 884 people. The Michigan Civil Service Commission has introduced a rule on worker-employer relations, which establishes a collective bargaining system to determine terms of employment, including the compensation of classified state information.

After the election of an exclusive representative, all conditions of employment of the unit`s staff are determined by the negotiation between the position of state employer as the governor`s representative and the exclusive representative. W22 – Human Services Unit – employees of this unit work in the fields of orientation, education, rehabilitation and other aids to the socially disabled or disadvantaged through the application of principles, theories, practices and methods learned through specific diplomas, training and experience. The Human Services Department employs approximately 10,855 people. Dover Police Administrators Memorandum of Agreement The following graph provides a brief description of each unit, identifies the exclusive organization representing unit employees, and provides a link to the contract that covers unit employees. . Employees not only represented (NERE) may belong to the Limited Recognition Organization (LRO) and are covered by Public Service Rules T01 – State Police Enlisted Unit – This unit consists of all non-prudential agencies, including sergeants, in the Michigan State Police. This unit employs approximately 1,713 people. United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Deerfield Paraeducators Association Memoranum of Understanding .