Canteen Concessionaire Agreement

I hope that you accept my request and that you will build a new canteen. Thank you for your time and cooperation. Sir, it is important to point out that we (name of canteen and catering services) already offer canteen services (college / school name) of the last 2/3/5 years (plus/minus). Thanks to Allah, we have maintained a good standard for providing canteen services not only (territory name) of (college/school name), but we also offer canteen services for a chain of pedagogues in different (city name). [These are model proposals for the canteen contract at school or university. Letter of authorization for the canteen at school or university in the canteen contract. You can change these formats as a requirement.] I am writing this letter to propose the idea of a new canteen. Since the beginning of the academic year, and we have many new students in our lot, our old canteen has become very full. Lunch time is the same for all classes and due to the many students we have to wait a long time in line. Sometimes many students have to go back to class without their lunch, which is very inconvenient. (Status of the real problem and situation). When it`s our turn, it`s over to eat and we have to stay hungry the rest of the day.

This has a negative impact on our productivity in the classroom. I ask you that the school build another canteen so that the students can be easier during lunch. With all due respect, it is humbly submitted, we (name of the canteen and catering services) have learned from the campus coordinator (name of authority) the vacancy of a canteen administrator who has concluded to a canteen contract (meeting 20xxx-20xx) in your (name of school / university), campus number. (Z) aims. Model canteen contract proposal at sir school or university, our specialties include hygienic food delivery, a variety of food, punctual delivery, cafeteria cleanliness and well-behaved staff. We also offer catering for all school events and parties. Sir, please set a meeting plan so we can visit you and show your food brochure and detailed package. I look forward to a positive favour for us towards other parties. .