Chamber Of Commerce Confidentiality Agreement

The model confidentiality agreement and the model`s confidentiality clause are intended to support businessmen and lawyers by providing balanced and reliable models that can be used in inter-transaction transactions between sectors and borders. In particular, the models allow parties to tailor provisions to their transactions, provide alternative language for situations that have more than one solution, and highlight issues that justify taking them into account. Virtually all businesses, large or small, must protect sensitive information in commercial transactions, and confidentiality agreements are the most widely used mechanism to enable the confidentiality of important information. The ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement is the latest in a series of widely used model contracts published by the International Chamber of Commerce. . The ICC Court of Justice wishes to ensure that information that may be disclosed to members during the exercise of their function as a member of the ICC Court of Justice or when selecting or proposing arbitrators to the ICC Court of Justice within a ICC National Committee or ICC Group is used in accordance with the ICC Arbitration Rules and their annexes and are protected from disclosure. It contains a USB stick that contains the full text of the model and its annexes, so you can easily adapt the contract to your specific case. .